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Com Sci Tech: Presentation scores are now posted.11/3/14

Thesis Writing: A mock final exam is now posted. And answers to the mock final exam is also posted. The types of questions will be very similar but the studies used as examples will be different. 21/02/14

Thesis Writing: Exam Specs are now posted.18/02/14

Com Sci Tech: Section5 Time for you presentation practice are now posted. 13/2/14

Thesis Writing: Details for you final exam will be posted by the end of next week. In preparation for the exam students should look at web material about the Hygiene Hypothesis. 13/02/14

Com Sci Tech: The Final Listening Specs and the Final Exam Specs are now posted. 29/1/14

Com Sci Tech: Three short talks are posted for students to prepare for the 2nd listening test. The audio of one of these talks will be on the final listening test and you will be asked some questions about them. You should listen to them a number of times before the exam. 23/1/14

Thesis Writing: Specifications for the Mid-term exam are now posted. 10/12/13

Com Sci Tech: Specifications now posted for the Com Sci Tech Listening Test. 29/11/13

Research assistant wanted. 12/11/13

Com Sci Tech: Scores for the presentation (/15) and the combined listening tests (1 and 2) are now posted. 30/09/13

Thesis Writing: Answers to Mock exam now posted. 20/09/13

Thesis Writing: The Specifications for the 2013 Semester 1 Exam and a Mock Exam are now posted. The answers will follow in a day or two.17/09/13

Com Sci Tech: Listening tasks to practice for 2nd listening Task: Sahara Panda Glacier 04/09/13

Com Sci Tech: Specs for the final exam now posted. 27/08/13

Com Sci Tech: Specifications for the final listening test for Semester 1, 2013 are now posted. Also the links to the videos that will be used for the final listening test. 22/08/13 (updated)

Thesis Writing: The specifications for the mid-term exam are now posted. There is also a mock exam and answers to the mock exam to help you prepare. 09/07/13

Com Sci Tech: Results for the solo presentations and listening test 2 are now published. Where teachers have supplied comments on the presentations, these are also published. 27/02/13

Thesis Writing: A modification to the final exam. The AWL words for the exam will only cover units 5-9. 18/02/13

Thesis Writing: Final Exam Specifications are now posted. Also a mock exam (it was the final exam in semester 1) and answers to that exam. 10/02/13

Com Sci Tech: The answers to the mock final exam are now posted. 10/02/13

Thesis Writing: To help students prepare for the final exam, 2 video clips are posted. 07/02/13

Com Sci Tech: The specifications for the final exam are now posted. 31/01/13

Com Sci Tech: The links to the videos for the Final Listening Test are now posted. There are 3 of them. 23/01/13

Com Sci Tech: Specifications for 2nd Listening Test now posted. 23/01/13

Com Sci Tech: A mock final exam is now posted. The answers to this exam will be published in a couple of weeks. 22/01/13

Experiential English 2: Section 141: I have posted the answers for Vocab Review Unit 9. 20/12/12

Com Sci Tech: Instructions for the mid-term listening exam now posted. 17/12/12

Thesis Writing: Specs for the Mid-term exam are now posted. 08/12/12

Com Sci Tech: Specifications for the Mid-term listening test are now posted. 29/11/12

Architectural Proposals: There is a mock exam for students to try and answers provided. We cannot put up the video for the 3rd question but the question and the answer provided should give you a reasonable idea what to expect.30/09/12

Architectural Proposals: PowerPoint for Little House at Ryland St, Keperra 30/09/12

Thesis Writing: The answers to the Mock Exam Sem 1 2012 are now posted. 13/09/12

Com Sci Tech: Specifications for the Final Listening and the Final Exam are now posted. Also, there are links to three CNN news items that students should try to watch in preparation for the listening exam. One of them will be on the listening exam. 30/08/12

Thesis Writing: a Mock Exam is posted. Answers for the Mock Exam will be posted shortly. 22/08/12

Com Sci Tech: Audio links for the pre-readings in Units 1 and 4 are up loaded. And for unit 5 and unit 6 there are audios on this website. 12/07/12

Thesis Writing: a Mock Exam and Answers are also posted so students can see what format the exam will take. 09/07/12

Com Sci Tech: The mock listening test, answers and audio are now posted to enable students to practice. 06/07/12

English For Medical Profession I: The specs for Quiz 1 are now posted. 04/07/12

Staff: Welcome to Chulaenglish.com. 26/06/12
























































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